Investment Case

Single-use food and beverage grade vPET presents an enormous challenge:

  • A global issue with ~30mtpa produced per annum
  • No one has solved the challenge of delivering recycled PET on an industrial scale for food and beverage packing
  • Legislators under pressure to act with fines for companies on the way
  • Consumers willing to pay a premium for sustainable PET packaging
  • Current recycling systems are not fit for purpose to meet future demand for recycled PET
Addressing the global plastics challenge
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The Global Solution

Our technology and plants can be installed simultaneously at multiple sites around the world

  • Huge PET recycling market potential
  • Poseidon’s patented low temperature, low pressure technology delivers a solution to the global PET recycling challenge
  • Collaboration agreements bring engineering expertise and ability to scale with multiple plant construction projects simultaneously
  • Partnerships facilitate volumetric benefits and delivers feedstock and offtake agreement
  • Strong ROI make the investment attractive from both environmental and financial perspective
PET recycling with ability to scale

Success Requires Collaboration and Partnership Commitments

Capable Technology (enabler)

  • Reliable
  • Scalable
  • Low cost
  • Low emissions

Customer Support (backers)

  • Global stature
  • Committed capital and volumetric contracts

Engineering / EPC (provider)

  • Global technology
  • Continuous R&D/ IP development
  • Industrial approach/ standardization
  • Economies of scale
  • Committed capital/ long term view

Infrastructure (accelerant)

  • Integrated solution
  • Preferential margins/control
  • Conversion vPET capacity
  • Speed to market

Financial Resources (promoter)

  • Access to markets
  • Public/private finance
  • Green Bond

Massive erPET Business Opportunity to Meet Future Demand

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